Ramfis Myrthil


Ramfis is a New York-based filmmaker who loves telling New York stories. Applying a city-grown work ethic to the world of film and media, Ramfis works to produce narrative features that reflect the best, most captivating parts of his community: passion, integrity, and honor.

A founding partner and co-President of Beast of the East Productions, Ramfis has built a career as a producer with many highlights. Ramfis is an active member of BAFTA NY, The Friars Club, and other notable institutions.

Ramfis will be speaking at the Producing: How to Produce the $1 Million to $5 Million Feature Film, WRITING: The Art and Science of Pitching, and Writing: Pitch Fest! workshops moderated by Sunscreen's Education Director, Dave DeBorde. Check Ramfis' schedule on Sched.com