Build your script’s foundation!
In this two day, interactive workshop writer/producer Tim Albaugh will show you how to build a script FROM THE GROUND UP.

Hyatt Place St. Petersburg/Downtown


February 17th (10am – 4pm)
February 18th (10am – 2pm)COST: $250
Seating is limited
On Day One we’ll explore what makes a classic script/film by discussing Premise, Structure, Character, Theme, Conflict, Subplots, Dialogue and how to use the world of your movie to enhance all of these elements. in depth screenwriting overview beginning of thescript to the end. Include writing loglines.
On Day Two we’ll discuss the art of the pitch and invite participants to volunteer to do a short two minute pitch of their projects.  We’ll also read and critique screenplay pages from workshop participants.  Lastly, we’ll explore the writer’s place in the ever-changing world of film, tv and new media.
Who is Tim Albaugh?
Tim Albaugh is a writer/producer, and a graduate of the UCLA M.F.A. screenwriting program. Albaugh has taught screenwriting at UCLA, UC Irvine, Hollins University, Pixar Animation Studios, and Walt Disney Feature Animation.
His students have sold features to all the major studios and have had multiple features produced including the recent film ALL EYEZ ON ME and the Christian Bale film THE MACHINIST. Their work in TV includes, but is not limited to, BLACKISH, INSECURE, STAR TREK: DISCOVERY, HAWAII FIVE-O, WYNONA EARP, IZOMBIE, THE MAGICIANS and many others. In addition to his writing and teaching, Mr. Albaugh consults and speaks at film festivals throughout the world.

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