Sunscreen Film Festival | Independent Film Festival

The Sunscreen Film Festival is a worldwide acclaimed film festival for independent films. MovieMaker magazine in 2009 voted Sunscreen one of the “25 Coolest Film Fests” in the country. In 2013, Sunscreen was one of only 23 film fests nationwide to be sponsored and acknowledged by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

If you are a new artist and would like to make a name for yourself — or learn from those who have made impressive and spectacular names for themselves in the entertainment industry — join us!


The festival offers far more than just hosting indie films from artists who are not the biggest names in the field. Attendees have the opportunity to learn from the best actors, directors, producers, writers, designers, and other career-path professionals. You can have the time of your life, and in one of the world’s most beautiful areas.

One of the things that makes the Sunscreen Film Festival so impressive is our dedication to our craft. We ascribe to the belief that art is a medium for the imagination to flourish. All film is a door into the secondary world, and we celebrate that function of our profession. Film allows us to experience a whole new life, set of emotions, and sense of reality.

Film is an art, and the entire process of creating that attraction between this art and viewers is what draws us in and keeps us enthralled. At the festival, you can spark your imagination and spend time with others in a like-minded setting embracing the art that you love.

Make this year the year to experience the world of indie films.

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