Sunscreen Film Festival 2019 Winners

Best Florida Short: The Bagman

Best Foreign Language (Short or Feature): Something About Alex

Best Documentary Short: Hoan Alone

Best Animated Short: Hors Piste

Best High School Short: More To Life

Best College Short: Difficult People

Best Thriller/SciFi Short: The Other Side Of The Box

Best Comedy Short: 40 Minutes Over Maui

Best Breakout Short: Dreamer

Best Short of Festival: Second Acts

Best Actor: Robin L’Houmeau / Happy Face

Best Actress: Carlie Guevara / The Garden Left Behind

Best Screenplay: John Rotondo and Flavio Alves / The Garden Left Behind

Best Director: Martha Pinson / Tomorrow

Best Documentary: Behind The Bullet

Best Feature Film: The Garden Left Behind



Sunscreen Film Festival 2019 Nominees

Best Florida short

My Florida Home


A Bright Second


Best High school short

Watch Your Step


More to Life


Best College Short

Esta Nina Linda

Difficult People

Doll it Up



Best Foreign language short or feature

Calzones Roto: Chile

Insane Love: Italy

Something About Alex: Neatherlands

History of Love: Norway


Best short documentary

Hoan Alone

The Flip Side

Trafficked in Paradise

It’s Only Rock and Roll


Best animated short

Prison Zoo

Best Friend

Hors Piste


Best Comedy

Standardized Heisting

40 Minutes Over Maui

Dough Nuts and More


Best Thriller/scifi short

Her Body


The Other Side Of The Box


Best Breakout short

The Critic

The Dreamer

The Boy

Hellena’s Circus



Best Short of Festival

Believe Her

Pandora’s Box


Portrait of A Woman

It’s Snowing Outside


Second Acts


Best Documentary Feature

Markie in Milwaukee

Behind the Bullet

Red Roll Red


Best Actor: Feature

Sam Littlefield: Mothers Little Helpers

Sebastian Street:  Tomorrow

Robin L’Houmeau: Happy Face


Best Screenplay: feature

Mother’s Little Helpers:  Kestrin Pantera & cast

The Garden Left Behind:  Flavio Alves

Tomorrow: Stuart Brennan & Sebastian Street


Best Actress Feature

Carlie Guevara (The garden Left Behind)

Breeda Wool (Mother’s Little Helpers)

Kestrin Pantera (Mother’s little Helpers)

Debbie Lynch-White (happy face)


Best Director:

Martha Pinson: Tomorrow

Kestrin Pantera: Mother’s Little Helpers

Flavio Alves: The Garden Left Behind


Best Picture Feature


The Garden Left Behind

Happy Face

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