Sunscreen Film Camp Summer 2017 July 10-28

Still from Sunscreen Summer Film Camp movieWeek One

This is a five-day intensive on writing and producing movies. Students will pick an area of concentration from either acting, directing or screenwriting, but many of the activities are with the group as a whole. Film-making is the world’s most collaborative art form.


Weeks Two and Three – Making Movies

Production shot from Sunscreen Film Camp MovieCampers will work to produce the scripts developed during Week One.

Weeks Two and Three will follow the same path as the two-week session of the past nine years, but the campers will be armed with a week of skill preparation.

The completed films will be shown at a Sunscreen Film Camp Festival on the last day of camp, July 28th.

In addition the movies produced at camp will be shown at the Sunscreen Film Festival in 2018.

The Teachers

Eugenie Bondurant

Teaches Acting

Actor, model and acting teacher Eugenie Bondurant lives in St. Petersburg. She is married to Paul Wilborn, the executive director of the Palladium Theater.

She recently played the role of Tigris in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 .

She is on the faculty of the Patel Institute in Tampa where she teaches acting.

Bondurant got into acting when she started taking classes in Los Angeles while on a modeling job, joined SAG (Screen Actors Guild) and started getting small roles in TV shows, commercials and film.

She is a cabaret singer, appearing in the American Songbook Series with husband Paul Wilborn and Blue Roses, and a founder of The Radio Theater Project.

Eugenie is well-known as an On-Camera and Meisner acting coach.

Tom Flynn

Teaches Screenwriting

Tom Flynn started writing professionally in 1987, and sold his first spec script in 1989 to Paramount Pictures and producers Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer. He followed this with sales to Warner Brothers and Scott Rudin, then Simpson Bruckheimer a second time.

Over the course of the next twenty years, Tom wrote numerous feature comedies, of which only one, the ironically titled WATCH IT, was ever produced. Still, for someone who wrote almost exclusively original material, the wild spec script market of the 90’s made for a pretty good living.

“I sold seven original spec screenplays, yet my mom thought I was a drug dealer because I had all this money, but no evidence of employment on screen or television. I rarely told anyone I was a screenwriter, because the inevitable follow up was, ‘Oh, have you written anything I would know?’”

As the housing bubble was bursting, Tom and his wife, Andi, cashed in and moved to St Petersburg, Florida, “for the climate.”

“I basically quit the business. I bought real estate properties at the bottom of the market and fixed them up. It was fun. I was able to see some results from my efforts, and my mom stopped accusing me of selling heroin.”

Still, I had an idea for a drama that I couldn’t get out of my head. I’d never written a drama, not one. After a year of threatening to write it, my wife, who nags me exclusively in cartoon voices, told me to go away for a month and write it, or I’d have a Le Crueset migraine in my future.

GIFTED was written over five weeks in October, 2011 and is scheduled for major release in April 2017.

Tom Flynn no longer dabbles in real estate, he’s a screenwriter. He lives in St Petersburg, Florida, with his wonderful wife, Andi, and four cats, one of which, Fred, has only one eye.

His mother keeps the number of the Federal Drug Task Force on her speed dial, just in case.

Curtis Graham

Teaches Directing and Cinematography

Curtis Graham is an Award-Winning Feature Film Director and Cinematographer. His Film Oloibiri recently won the Nigerian Academy Award for Best Film.

With 100s of commercials for advertising clients around the world, Curtis Graham has created a diverse body of work as Director/Cinematographer.

Raised in a photographic family, Curtis started taking pictures at age 15. He attended Los Angeles Art Center College of Design, which started a career in Advertising Photography. He has won many accolades for his work in advertising including: N.Y. Art Director, Norma, National Addys, and Clio Award, and his work has appeared in many national publications such as: Town & Country, Esquire, Print, and Communication Arts.

His career in Advertising led to doing commercials for his Clients as a Director/Cameraman.

Curtis went on to Attend The American Film Institute. At AFI Curtis received the Mary Pickford Award Scholarship. His Master Thesis film the “The Blue Men” starring Estelle Parsons went on to receive a Student Emmy and Academy Award. It is listed as one of the most award winning shorts of 1990. Curtis also received the Focus Award for Cinematography for “The Blue Men”. This allowed Curtis to pursue narrative work as Director/Director of Photography.

Curtis is a former professor at UT and SE Universities.

In a Nutshell

July 10-28th, 2017
The camp day is from 9 A.M. to 5 PM.

The camp will be held at Studio620 in downtown St. Petersburg, 620 1st Ave. South St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Who is eligible to participate?
Kids ages 12-18. Some exceptions to age requirements will be made based on prior experience and interest level after an evaluation by the Sunscreen Film Festival staff. Please note: movie-making is a collaborative effort in which each member of the production team relies on everyone else. Your child’s camping decision should be grounded in a genuine desire to learn the art movie-making.

What equipment is required?
Four campers will be expected to volunteer laptops for editing the movies. If you have family equipment, like a camcorder, and want to learn to use it more effectively, you are encouraged to bring it. Otherwise, Sunscreen will provide the equipment.

What about lunch and snacks?
Campers are required to provide their own meals and snacks. Studio620 is in downtown St. Petersburg where lots of restaurants are within walking distance.


Email Harry Chittenden at or call him at 727-420-0566


Movies From Camp 2016

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